new feature

Introducing Google Books

Jun 21st

Timber automatically retrieves full metadata for products that you add to your site based on ISBN number. Ingram is the third party provider that we use to automatically add data like cover image, descriptions, page counts, author and more. This works great with common titles, but some of the more obscure collections were difficult to populate. We've recently added Google Books to retrieve some of the less common books' attributes and are very happy with the results. Google Books was automatically added to all Timber sites recently.

New Feature: Ratings

Jan 12th

We recently completed an add-on feature that allows your customers to give feedback about products on your Timber site. The review add-on has monitoring tools for verifying reviews before publishing, allowing bookstores to address potential issues before a review is published. If you are interested in adding this feature to your store, please contact us.

New Feature - Manage Financial Aid Payment Items

Dec 27th
We recently developed a plug-in to streamline how we handle the Student ID payment-method and ensure that students are only able to pay for textbook items using Financial Aid
If there are any items in the cart that are not adopted, it will hide the Student Account payment-method.
You can specify additional categories (like Art Supplies or Electronics) that should still qualify for Student Account payments.

New Feature: Fraud Detection

Nov 30th

In a November Timber update, we rolled out a fraud-detection system that will proactively look for fraud -- and place those orders into a  "Fraud" Order Status.  Fraud orders will not be automatically imported into Booklog.

You will receive an additional email notification for these orders, and if you find that they are from legitimate customers, you can still change their Order Status so that they will be imported to Booklog.

New Feature: SSO

Nov 28th

SSO – 'Single Sign On' can now be added to Timber sites. Once a Timber site user is logged into your Schools’ Network, they will automatically be logged-in to your Timber site.

On checkout, student data can automatically be entered, including email and Student ID numbers.

When a student returns to the site to check on an order, they will not be prompted to login again.