New Timber Features

Sep 26th

We have been hard at work adding features to Timber. Check out the latest!

1. Importing Tracking number from BL / multiple numbers for shipments

2. Payware collateral collection

3. Sending-out FA alert

4. Thumbnails in search results

5.  Term ignore list (for terms you don't want on /college)

6. Integration with MercuryPay

7.  Ingram Data Integration

8.  Ingram Search integration

BL-to-Website Order Change Updates

Feb 15th

Since the begininng of Timber, order information has always flowed just one direction:  from the Website into Timber.

This sometimes caused confusion, because orders can change in Booklog (substitutions, additions, or deletions), but the order data on the Website would not reflect those changes.

With this new update, order changes (Inventory Items, Shipping, Status, and Tax) will all be reflected on Webstore Orders.  This will help eliminate confusion from your customers, and streamline how your staff completes their Webstore Orders.

Verba Integration

Jun 5th

Timber now offers a seamless integration with Verba!

With this Timber feature, your students can:

  • Find the best price on their textbooks using Verba's online lookup
  • Add items to their Verba shopping cart
  • Complete their checkout on your Timber Webstore

The integration requires that you have an existing account with Verba, please contact them for more information about getting started.

Improved Item-Set Handling

Sep 15th

A slight functional enhancement has been made to how we handle Item Sets (Master/Sub-SKU items).  When only a single item remains in a set, the drop-down selector will now be hidden.  

This saves customers from needing to select the only available option in the drop-down list, prior to adding-to-cart.