Technical Specifications
How Timber works with your Booklog POS System

How Timber works with your Booklog POS System

How Timber works with your Booklog POS System


When Timber is installed, minimal changes to the day-to-day operations of your bookstore are required. Staff members can continue using your point-of-purchase system to add and sell books just as they always have, during and after Timber’s installation. 

When there is a sale from the Web site, Timber will notify your staff via email, and the sales information is automatically imported into Booklog.

Data Vault:

Timber’s Data Vault (a virtual machine that is installed on your network, preferable on your Booklog server) is the link between the in-store point-of-purchase system and your Web site. It scans your inventory every two minutes, and compares it to the Webstore inventory. If a sale is made in-store the Data Vault will update inventory levels accordingly.

Herkimer includes and warrantees the Data Vault at no extra charge for as long as you are a Timber customer. The Data Vault is installed prior to your initial training session.

Web Server:

Herkimer provides Web hosting service for your Web site and Timber Web Store on one of our Web Servers. With Timber, your inventory and Web Store transaction records are continuously backed-up. If your in-store point-of-purchase system experiences an outage, bookstore customers can still use your Web site to make purchases. After you re-boot the in-store point-of-purchase system, the Data Vault will seamlessly reconcile your inventory based on any Web site sales activity. 

*Our data center has been operating since July of 2006. Our servers are backed-up by batteries, diesel generators, and redundant connections. We work hard to ensure data security and maximum uptime.