The Sitebuilding Process
Here are the steps we take to build each Timber site

Here are the steps we take to build each Timber site

Every store has its own needs so there is some fluidity in the process -- but we eventually need to cover all of these steps: 

Needs Assessment

a 30-60 minute phone call, where we talk about:

  • Your goals for the project
  • What pages are needed
  • How the categories will be set up
  • Integrating textbook sales and rentals
  • Site aesthetics
  • Who will be managing different parts of the site

Installing the DataVault 

we send you a Netbook computer to place in your data center

  • The DV provides a channel for the Website to communicate to your BL server via a VPN
  • Installation is typically very quick (requires opening a port or two in your firewall), and can be handled over the phone

Site Build

  • We will program the site based on the parameters discovered during the Needs Assessment
  • Categories and products will be imported to the Website
  • We will work with you to integrate a payment gateway for credit card processing


  • It takes about 60-90 minutes to train bookstore staff to use basic features of the site
  • We will cover Web page and Product management, as well as how to access order information


  • Following the training, you will need some time (typically 12-20 hrs) to work with your products in BL and on the Website. 
  • This includes locating images/descriptions for products that we could not find data for (on Amazon).
  • This also may include writing text and sourcing images for the Content Pages of the site (like Policies and Contact Us)

Go Live

  • We will push the new site from our Development Server, to our Live server, install your SSL Certificate
  • As the first few orders come in, we will verify they are importing to BL correctly and work with you on best-practices