Security Information
A focus on data security and site reliability

A focus on data security and site reliability

A focus on data security and site reliability

PCI Compliance

The Timber system and Web server are certified PCI-Compliant on a quarterly basis.

Data Vault

As part of the Timber service fee, we provide a highly-secure "Data Vault" computer to your store. The DV shuttles transactions and inventory information between your in-store system and Web site via a VPN. The DV provides an additional layer of security and keeps both your customer data and in-store systems safe.

Outage Protection

Timber maintains an ongoing backup of your in-store inventory. In the event your in-store system has an outage, the backup ensures that your customers can still use your Webstore to make purchases.

Free Telephone Support (7 days a week)

A member of our technical team is available for technical support on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm (central), and on-call during evenings and weekends.

Configuring a Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is required in order to process your customer’s credit cards, and deposit the money in your merchant account. As part of your Timber installation, we will configure a payment gateway that is compatible with your merchant account.

256-bit Secure Certificate

We will provide a secure certificate as part of your Timber service.