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A short list of Timber's most popular features

A short list of Timber's most popular features

Auto-Retrieve Cover Image and book information 

  • When Timber finds that you added a new item to your in-store inventory, it will automatically update your web inventory, and retrieve the book’s cover image and description, as well as its length, width, height and weight. If this information is not available, you can easily enter information manually using Timber’s simple product-edit screen.

Featured Items

  • Timber provides a very simple component for “featuring” selected items in your inventory. Featured Items can appear on your home page or in sidebar positions, adjacent to your other products.

Remote Access

  • Anywhere that you have access to the Internet, you can use your Web site to make sales. To sell your inventory from a remote location (book fairs, trade shows or other exhibitions) just open up your laptop, launch your Web browser, and go to your Web site!

New/Used/Rental/Closeout Differentiation

  • If your inventory includes used or closeout versions of the same book, you can use your in-store system to add a “U” or “C” to the ISBN number, and Timber will treat them as separate items on the Web site. (The extra letter will not be displayed on the Web site.)

    Rentals are differentiated from within Booklog using the Rent/Buy selector.

Category Management

  • Timber offers total control over your product category structure.  Categories are automatically imported from Booklog -- then you can rename them, reorder them, and create a hierarchy (using our drag-and-drop tool).

Book Search

  • All Timber packages include a keyword search area. Your customers can search your inventory by Title, Description, Author, or ISBN.

Sell Downloadable Files

  • Timber includes a simplified workflow so you can easily attach MP3s, MP4s, etc. to your Booklog products. Then, your customers can purchase and download their files (your Timber Webstore will automatically send them a download link).