Timber Service Includes:

Timber Service Includes:


Integrating Timber with your Booklog POS inventory
PCI Compliance
Programming a Custom Mobile-Responsive Website
Unlimited Products and Web Pages
Built-In Content Management System
Auto-Download Cover Image & Description
Auto-Download Dimensions & Weight
Live Sales Import/Export
Data Vault--Hardware to Connect with BL
Outage Protection
Remote Access
New/Used/Rental/Closeout Differentiation
Automatic Book Categorization
Title/Keyword/Author Search
Featured Items Promotional Areas
Stock Level Alerts
UPS/FedEx/USPS Shipping Calculations
Web Transaction/Customer Management
Telephone and e-Mail Support
Website Hosting
256 bit Secure Certificate
Integration with Most Payment Gateways


Transaction Tier  
Cost Per MonthCost Per Year
(1 month savings)
5$125$1,375 $1.50 ea.
25$175$1,925 $1.50 ea.
75$235$2,585 $1.50 ea.
150$285$3,135 $1.50 ea.
300$340$3,740$1.45 ea.
500$385$4,235 $1.40 ea.
1000$520$5,720 $1.25 ea.
2000$970$10,670 $1.10 ea.
4000$1350$14,850 $1.00 ea.

- There is a $2000 one-time setup fee for all tiers.
  (The initial setup fee is $2500 for the 5/month tier.)

- For multiple installations, please call for special pricing.

- Please contact Booklog for details about any additional fees which may apply for your store.



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