Virtual Shelf

Virtual Shelf / SRS Integration

With the Timber Virtual Shelf integration, students who visit your site (on any device) will find their Course List waiting for them. This is a concierge-like approach to becoming HEOA-Compliant, while providing convenience to your customers that does not exist anywhere else.

How Does Virtual Shelf make your job easier?


Pop-Up Message

It alerts students with a Pop-up when they first arrive on your site:



Course List

Then, it displays their Course List and Required Items on the Virtual Shelf page:


Printable Course List

Finally, Virtual Shelf provides a printable Course List. They can print it at home, or you can set up a kiosk in the bookstore where they can print it themselves:


What are the costs?

  • Virtual Shelf piggy-backs on the SSO integration – that makes it possible to identify students when they arrive to your site.
  • There is a one-time installation fee of $1450. We based this on an average setup time of about twelve hours – and this includes the time to work with your Registrar’s office to create a daily data-export of course data (which is securely uploaded to our server).
  • There is a $15 monthly cost, as the app requires us to set up (and maintain) a separate server to securely handle course data uploads.


If you have any questions, let us know!.