Features for College Bookstores
Course Materials Management Integration

Course Materials Management Integration

These features are available to college bookstores at no extra cost:

  • Automatically synchronizing with with Booklog's Course-Management Module every 2 minutes
  • One-click add-to-cart for all course materials
  • Handling of “Optional” and “Required” Materials
  • Displays both new and used options to select from for final purchase
  • Includes interactive selection of:  Term >> Department >> Course >> Section
Once installed, the colors will be customized to match your site. Here is a sample layout:


Textbook Rentals

Students can also use the Course Materials Management integration to rent textbooks from your Website.

  • Students must agree to your Rental Terms of Service before checkout
  • Students must enter their Student ID if adopted materials are in their cart
  • We'll collect collateral information (at your direction) for rental orders paid via Financial Aid
  • Students can Rent New or Rent Used, depending on the inventory you have allocated

Following checkout, their information will be securely passed back to Booklog where the transaction will be imported as a rental.


Registration System Integration -- HEOA Compliance

Timber will integrate with your School's Registration System to display adopted materials on the same page as your students' class-lists.

  • Item pricing and availability (New/Used, Buy/Rent) is displayed, and items can be added-to-cart 
  • Changes made to adopted items will be visible within two minutes
  • Integration with Verba and Sidewalk are included