Effortless Webstore Management

Effortless Webstore Management

Timber extends your Inventory onto your Website:

  • When you add a product to Booklog, your customers will see it on your Website in less than two minutes.  
  • Likewise when you sell a product in-store, your Website inventory is reduced automatically.

Timber minimizes the busy work:

  • Product information (like cover images, text descriptions, shipping dimensions, and publisher data) are downloaded automatically.
  • When product information is not available for download, Timber provides a streamlined workflow to add them manually -- you can even upload images directly from your mobile device.

Timber expands your reach:

  • Your Timber Website product categories reflect the product categories found in Booklog, and can be customized to fit the needs and interests of your customers. Examples of this include:  Alumni, Special Interest, Murder Mysteries, Bibles, and products with a local/regional focus.
  • Timber is an indispensable tool for e-Marketing and e-Mail blasts. It also includes tools for customer account creation and promotional discounts.

Timber saves you money:

  • By combining essential features and services: Web hosting, site text/image updates, and a 256-bit secure certificate -- Timber can provide substantial savings.

A built-in content-management platform

  • Timber is built on the Drupal CMS to give you control over your site.  Add pages, change images, move menu-items around...it is all easy with Timber. We will walk you through the best-practices during your training.