Sending Email Reminders to Faculty

  • Selecting Faculty to Receive the Reminder
  • Preparing Your Message for Sending
  • Grouping Departments Together for Faster Sending


Selecting Faculty to Receive the Reminder

  1. On  the Departments and Courses tab use the TERM and DEPT autocomplete fields to bring a Department into focus.
  2. Try typing a few letters like "Fall" or "2021" into the Term field.  It will suggest some options to you.
  3. Then start typing your DEPT name and click on your Department Name.
  4. After a brief pause you will see the Department listed in the main Body of the page.  You may need to click the small "plus" icon to expand it.
  5. To select your recipients, you will need to check the "Email" checkbox on the right side of the Cours they are assigned to. You can "Select All" by clicking on the link to the top-right of your Department.
  6. Click on the "View Recipients" link under the Term field, to verify your recipients.
  7. You can optionally select on of these checkboxes to target a specific group:
    1. Email course and department managers only:  limits your recipients to users who are Course and Department Managers.
    2. Only email users who haven't approved the section:  limits your recipients to users assigned to unapproved sections
    3. Only email for sections with adoptions: limits your recipients to users assigned to sections (both approved and unapproved) with adoptions


Preparing Your Message for Sending

  1. Use the "Choose Identity for From EMail" select-list to specify a Reply-To Sender other than yourself
  2. Use the "Change Email Subject" to specify an alternate Subject 
  3. Use the "Add a CC to the email" to include additional recipients (like Deans or other Managers)
  4. Use the "Email Message" field to type a message for your email.

  5. When  you click the "Send" button you will see a list of your intended recipients one more time.  The system will also present you with a confirmation dialogue box where you can confirm your Send action.


Grouping Departments Together for Faster Sending

It can be useful to group departments together if you have a several departments (like various foreign languages) that you periodically send notices to.  

  1. Pick any department and click the "Department Type" link across from the department name
  2. Choose an existing Department Type and click the green Save button but assign it to the department.
  3. Alternatively you can use the "Enter a New Type" field to create a new Group Name and then click the green Save button. This assigns the new group to your selected Department and also makes the Group Name available to assign to other departments.
  4. Use the "Show All Department Types..." selector to pick a specific group of Departments.  Then click the "+Select All" button to choose the Courses within those Departments for emailing.
  5. Please note:  if you have a DEPT Filter already applied to the page, it is likely that some members of your Department Group will not be displayed until you remove the filter.