Promoting Users to Manage Departments, Courses & other Sections/Classes

You can grant permissions so that any user can manage the adoptions in a Section, Course, or Department.

First, click on the Faculty Permissions tab and bring a Term/Department into focus.

Bringing a Term and Department into Focus

  1. Use the TERM and DEPT autocomplete fields to navigate to your Section. 
  2. Try typing a few letters like "Fall" or "2021" into the Term field.  It will suggest some options to you.
  3. Then start typing your DEPT name and click on your Department Name

Selecting a Course and Section

  1. In the main Body of the page, you will see your Department listed with all its Courses. Locate a course to work with, and expand it by clicking its "plus" icon.
  2. Inside the expanded Course, you will see Sections and Instructors listed.   Click "Edit Permisssions" next to any instructor to change the permissions for that section.
  3. In the "Edit Section Permissions" popup you will see Instructors who can manage the Section.  You will also find Co-Instructors, Course Managers, and Department (or Academic) Managers.   
    1. Course Managers have permission to manage any Section in this Course
    2. Department Managers have permission to manage any Section in the entire Department

Granting Permissions to Additional Users

  1. In the "Edit Section Permissions" popup (from the previous step), enter a few letters of the username into the Add Faculty autocomplete field.
  2. When their name appears, click on it.  Then click any of the three checkboxes to grant them the corresponding permission.
  3. When finished, click the Close button