Viewing and Updating Your Class/Section

When editing Classes/Sections, common tasks include:


Begin Your Editing

To get started editing a class, click on either the right-facing arrow > next to the Class/Section name or the blue Edit button:

The row will expand and you will see details about the class and have access to update its materials-adoptions:


Adding Bookstore Notes and Class Size

Each class includes an editable area (if permitted by the Bookstore) for a Note to the Bookstore, and the Class Size.

  1. Bookstore Note:  please use this area to provide guidance and information to the Bookstore.
  2. Class Size:  Please enter the estimated size of your class.


    Submitting a Class/Section to the Bookstore

    1. To submit your Class/Section information to the Bookstore click the green Submit button to the right of the row:
    2. You will receive an email confirming the items you have adopted.
    3. The Staff at the bookstore can optionally set an "Adoption Due Date". If they have set this, it is not possible to submit adoptions following the Adoption Due Date.


    Submitting a Class/Section to the Bookstore with No Adoptions

    1. To submit a Class/Section with no books, locate your Course and bring your Class/Section into view.  Click the green "Submit" button without adding any materials.


    Editing an Already Submitted/Approved Courses

    1. You can edit courses which have already been submitted.  Locate them using the method above, and click the Edit button to expand the Class details and provide you access to make changes.
    2. Don't forget to use the green Submit button to resubmit your course after making changes.