Approving Adoptions into Booklog

Timber>Adopt does not push any data into Booklog until the Class/Section is approved on the Approval Queue tab.

  1. You may optionally use the TERM and DEPT autocomplete fields to bring Sections/Classes into focus
  2. Try typing a few letters like "Fall" or "2021" into the Term field.  It will suggest some options to you.
  3. Then start typing your DEPT name and click on a Department Name
  4. Classes/Sections which are awaiting approval into Booklog will appear in the main area of the page.
  5. You can approve their changes into Booklog by clicking the green "Approve" button

    If you have many items to approve you can click-and-drag across them to select them...

    ....and then click the green "Approve Selection" button at the bottom of the screen: