• From Your Booklog POS
    Automatic Inventory and Sales Updates
  • Automatically Pushed to Your Site
    Course Management/Adoptions Updates

Timber extends your Booklog POS onto the Web.

Every two minutes, Timber syncs your Website inventory with changes made in Booklog, downloads product images and descriptions, and pushes Website sales back into Booklog.

We can use your existing site design, create a fresh layout, or use the template from your school's Website. 
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Security Focused:

Each Timber site is secured with a 256-bit SSL and certified PCI DSS Version 3.1-compliant

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Compatible with Booklog:

Timber integrates with the Booklog Point of Sale System.



Packed full of features

In addition to helping you manage your online inventory, Timber includes a Drupal-based Content Management System that allows you to add pages, surveys, images, slideshows and banner messages.

Timber extends your Inventory onto your Website

When you add a product to Booklog, your customers can purchase it from your Website in less than two minutes.  Website sales are then imported back within two minutes as native Booklog sales.

Timber minimizes the busy work

Product information (like cover images, text descriptions, shipping dimensions, and publisher data) are downloaded automatically. Any changes made to Booklog's Course Management Module (like new Adoptions or Courses), are visible on the Website within two minutes.

Timber expands your reach​

Your Timber Website product categories reflect the product categories found in Booklog, and can be customized to fit the needs and interests of your customers. Examples of this include:  Alumni, Special Interest, Murder Mysteries, Bibles, and products with a local/regional focus.

Timber saves you money

By combining essential features and services: Web hosting, site text/image updates, and a 256-bit secure certificate -- Timber can provide substantial savings. We also include free email and phone support, and upgrades for future Timber features.